We’re Just Horsin’ Around

We’ve created this site for locals and visitors, new residents and old timers. We wanted to share what we know about Victoria and give you a perspective that might be a little different than what you’ll find on other sites. This project stems at least in part from our own frustration as travelers trying to find information that is relevant to why we travel; to take in the unique vibe of our destination, sample the best the place has to offer, experience a little of local life…and yes, maybe seek out a little of the strange and bewildering.

We may have acquired a taste for some of the finer things but we’ve also lived at times with very little money so we’ll include plenty that can be enjoyed on a low budget, or no budget. We don’t spend a lot of time in suburbs and shopping malls…not that there’s anything wrong with that…we just prefer the character and colour of the smaller local establishments. It’s true we are hopeless urban junkies, but when we do leave the city it isn’t to forage for an elusive bargain at the big box store or sample a grey, lifeless patty at a chain restaurant. We leave for the open roads…for sand and tide, pastoral picnics, the magic of daylight streaming through the forest canopy, and the warmth of friends and fire under the wondrous amphitheatre of the night sky.

We don’t claim to be unbiased. We are passionate people and probably hate as much as we love, but we’ve decided to talk about the good places we know rather than complaining about everything that annoys or disappoints (only 30-40% of the establishments we visit end up on our site). We have great respect and appreciation for the people who own and work in our restaurants, shops and inns (if you think it’s easy try it some day). We aren’t trying to be all things to all people so you’re not going to find information on every type of service and attraction. That being said we will try to at least provide basic information about the things we don’t do, but you might want to.

For the most part the content of this site is not fact, it’s opinion. And as we all know opinions are like nostrils…everybody has one. We know you have opinions too and they won’t always be the same as ours, but we don’t see that as a cause for argument. We hope you enjoy the site and we look forward to your feedback. We’d love to get constructive criticism and appreciate getting updates on things we may not be aware of (new businesses, shops closing, items taken off menus, etc.). You can contact us by e-mail at montyhorse [at] horsingaroundvictoria [dot] com or leave a comment at the bottom of a post. If you are an obnoxious troll who obtains great glee by cutting down the work of others please feel free to stay up all night writing us a long venom filled rant. It will do you good to get it out of your system and it will only take a fraction of a second for us to hit the delete key, or if we are feeling a little mischievous we might re-write your comments to read something like “Your review of the Opulent Mammoth restaurant was so wonderful it made rainbows shoot from eyes while I danced the Tarantella in a field of blooming cabbages”.

And please remember…we’re just Horsing Around!