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Smoking Lilly - DSC_0007 - Edited and CompressedIt is no secret that, no matter how we may have chosen to vote, Canadians are fascinated by the new P.M.. Second wave Trudeau mania is sweeping the nation.  The folks at Smoking Lily, a popular local retailer renowned for unique and creative silk-screens, have reissued their iconic Trudeau print (that is, the one featuring Mr. Trudeau SENIOR).

The print is available in a loop scarf and T shirt.  The shirt in bright poppy red, has feminine cap sleeves and is made of stretchy lycra cotton.  We loved the flattering cut and the uber soft fabric.

We think the Trudeau Ts and scarves would make a groovy gift, particularly for folks who remember the excitement of first wave Trudeau mania.  The print is kitschy and fun. Trudeau’s face is offset by the subtle imprint of a maple pod.  What could be more Canadian?  And with the holidays approaching, the crimson hue will be seasonally on point.

All of Smoking Lily’s garments are silkscreened and sewn in house.  Their tiny store on Johnson is a shopping staple for locals (as is their sister store, The Milkman’s Daughter on Government).   In addition to Ts, you’ll find dresses, jackets, skirts, jewelry and playful accessories all artfully displayed.

We wish our new PM the best of luck in his endeavours, and we’re happy to wear his namesake, quite literally, on our sleeve.  Thanks to the creative team at Smoking Lily, we can do just that!

Happy Sunday, pretty ponies.  As always, you can visit our Facebook or Twitter page with any comments or questions.


Take care,

Love Midge Mod and the whole gang at H.A.

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