Weekly Shout Out – La Tana Bakery

la tana

La Tana’s owner wields his floury magic for grateful eaters.

Hello there chicklets!

Paltry Pete here, Victoria’s pre-eminent, value oriented rooster.  Shout Out is a little late this week as this little chicken has been on a serious  ‘wich hunt.  Now, you are probably thinking, what is he old Pete up to now?  After all, Halloween is over and, if a rooster can can learn to type, why can’t he learn how to spell the word witch?

Patience chiclets, the ‘wich I am referring to here is not the broomstick and pointy hat variety, but the majestic SANDwich of which I speak.  Now you might be clucking at my choice of adjective.  The lunch box staple of childhood, “majestic”?  Yes, dear reader, a great sandwich is a sublime and splendid thing.

Contrary to what you may think, the perfect sandwich rarely happens by mistake.  There has to be a balance of textures, and it has to have the right sort of bread, sliced neither too thick or too thin, to maximize the flavour of the filling.

This week we found sandwich nirvana, at a Pete approved price of just $5.45 in the tiny but mighty bakery La Tana, nestled in a cozy nook on Pandora Avenue.  Everyone at Horsing Around loves this bakery, and we will be writing a full post shortly to give this bustling business the attention it deserves, but, in the interim we will focus on the panini.

There are a myriad of choices of panini fillings at La Tana and we encourage you to be adventurous.  We can vouch for the braseola (thin shaved beef) with arugula, tomatoes, and fresh mozzarella and the pancetta panini with honey and chopped walnuts; an unusual compilation of ingredients that those with a sweet-salty fixation will crave again and again.  At just $5.45, you’ll have change leftover for a mini Nutella or lemon tart.  If you just want a light snack, we found the cornetti, a buttery croissant dusted with powdered sugar with a tart apricot jam filling was worth every fit bit step it took to burn off the calories.

We encourage you to try this outstanding Italian bakery.  The quality of ingredients is exemplary, and the prices are exceedingly reasonable for the quality.  Many items are priced at around $2.00.

If you have a sandwich press at home and want to assemble your own panini, you can pick up a loaf of the ciabatta bread, which has just the right thickness and texture to make your sandwich sing.

Have you been to La Tana yet?  If so, visit our Facebook and twitter pages and tell us what your favourite treat is.  We have heard the pizza, available each Friday while it lasts, is to die for.

Bon Appetito, darling chicklets!  Have a great week.

Love Paltry Pete and the whole gang at Horsing Around H.Q.

Horsing Around Victoria Paltry Pete, Portrait of a Pecker

Paltry Pete, Victoria’s one and only Angry Bird gives La Tana his crow of approval.


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