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Hello there chicklets!

Paltry Pete here, Victoria’s pre-eminent, value oriented rooster.  The holidays are fast approaching, and we need to keep our strength up for the onslaught of family, work, and social obligations that keep our timetables overflowing from now through to January.

We want to fill our bellies for nourishment and succour, but we don’t want to blow our holiday budget. What to do if you are downtown and famished?   Amble on over to Frank’s Honeybun Cafe on Yates.

Now, before we go any further, we want you to know from the outset that the Honeybun isn’t the sort of joint you go to for atmosphere. This cafe is your classic greasy spoon, decor is strictly utilitarian, but the friendly owners and the buzz of customers going to and fro lend a certain cheeriness to the proceedings. If you choose to eat here, you’ll find yourself elbow to elbow with a motley assortment of regulars, from gaggles of broke and hungover university students devouring platters groaning with sausages and French toast, to prim suit and tie businessmen forking their way through steaming mounds of chow mein noodles.

While we have not sampled extensively from the menu at Honeybun, we can recommend the won ton soup.  For just $5.45, you’ll get a formidably sized bowl (more like a tureen really) chock full of veggies, broth and the piece de resistance, a half dozen plump, juicy dumplings.  Your carrot and broccoli will be perfectly tender-crisp, as the owners cook your vegetables to order so that they aren’t mushy and overcooked.

On your way out the door, we insist you try the confection that gives this cafe its namesake, the honeybun.  This treat is a soft, sweetened bun with a filling of coconut paste resembling marzipan, and dusted with flaked coconut.  Once tried, you’ll crave this treat again and again and, at just $1.50 a bun, you can afford to indulge. It is the perfect way to prime yourself for an afternoon of holiday shopping, and at just $6.95  for a sustaining lunch, you’ll be well within your holiday budget.

Well, given we have our own holiday prep to do, we better sign off here. We hope you have a happy, healthy holiday season.  Have you sampled any items from Chinese bakeries?  Do you have a favourite confection?  Visit our Facebook or Twitter page and tell Uncle Pete all about it! Until next time, <a  chicklets. We’ll see you soon!

Love Paltry Pete and the whole gang at Horsing Around Headquarters.

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