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The disadvantage to living in a beautiful town like Victoria is that it can be expensive.  You can pay dearly for the privilege of gorgeous ocean scenery and mild winter climes. However, there are a few quality options for those of us who are budget savvy or light of wallet.  Tartan Toque is one of those options.  Nestled in an unassuming office building complex, Tartan Toque is cozy and playfully decorated with paintings from the local Woodpile Collective.  Go to the counter and order your wings or burger and your food will be delivered to your table fresh and piping hot.

The Toque specializes in chicken wings. All their sauces and rubs are house made.

The Tartan Toque Restaurant Victoria BC, by Horsing Around Victoria

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The Toque specializes in chicken wings.  All their sauces and rubs are house made.  You can choose between a dry rub or saucy wing as per your preference.  French fries are fresh and hand cut.  They also do a terrific burger for 6 bucks.  Vegetarians can choose from a mouthwatering array of wrap sandwiches, a burger or crispy tofu fingers.  Wash your food down with a foamy Hoyne pilsner or a boozy bourbon salted caramel milkshake.  Tartan Toque is locally owned and their grub is all locally sourced.  You can eat heartily here, have a drink or two and barely break $20.  Paltry Pete approves!


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 Pete’s Picks:  lemon pepper wings, peanut satay wings, chipotle coconut black bean wrap, wild salmon burger


Location: 1507 Pandora Avenue, Victoria. View in Google Maps.


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