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Tartan Toque

Howdy there pretty ponies!

We haven’t posted for a few days, it seems election fever has all of us in its thrall and we cannot keep our eyes off the news.  By the way, do not forget to vote!

Now, that we have given the obligatory lecture of your civic duty, Paltry Pete, our discerning cheap chicken (he prefers the term “value oriented rooster”) wants to keep you abreast (well, more specifically, a wing) of his latest frugal-find “Tartan Toque”.

Now, when we began the website, we did review Tartan Toque.  Pete popped in there a few times recently to make sure we made the right call in praising their poultry. Pete, for reasons we cannot fathom, does not mind other species eating his kind, but he wants to make sure that Tartan Toque do his fine-feathered brethren justice.  After all, he wants to be sure that the demise of his compatriots was not in vain.

Pete is happy to report that the Toque’s wings are indeed crave-worthy.  We at Horsing Around have a particular predilection for a dry, rather than a saucy wing, but there are many varieties of wings with sauce at the Toque for those of you who like to lick your fingers.  And you do like that don’t you, you saucy monkeys!

A half pound of boneless wings at the Toque, with your choice of sauce or dry rub and one of their made from scratch milkshakes will run you about $10.  If you are a chili junkie, the dry hot wings will impress, but we warn you, they really are five-alarm fiery.  We cooled our palate with mango milkshake. The combination of sweat-inducing heat and creamy mango was inordinately comforting.

If you don’t eat spicy food, you won’t be left in the lurch. Try the Moroccan wings, with earthy cumin and a hint of cinnamon, a spice that works as well in savoury dishes as in apple pie. We wouldn’t blame you if you added on an order of hand cut fries, or if you supplanted a milkshake with a pint of cold beer.  The world is your oyster  (or should we say rooster?)

Prices are Tartan Toque remain almost supernaturally reasonable and the vibe is relaxed and friendly. There are old school board games at the booths so you can play Sorry or Operation while you wait for your order to arrive.

We remain impressed with the Toque, and you can eat generously here with a few coins in your pocket.  Pete says “two wings up”.   If you try the Toque, do not hesitate to visit our Facebook or Twitter page and let us know what you thought.

Happy Monday everyone.  I hope you have a wonderful week.

Love, Paltry Pete and the rest of the staff at Horsing Around

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