The Marina Restaurant

The Marina Restaurant Victoria BC

The perfect spot to bring out of town friends to sample the island’s bounty or celebrate a special occasion. Sip classic cocktails and feast on meticulously prepared seafood while taking in the perfect ocean view.

Baan Thai

Baan Thai Victoria BC

A terrific, inexpensive Thai restaurant for lunch or dinner. Probably Victoria’s best Thai food and easy to access with 3 locations spread around the City. A “Pete’s Pick” for value and amazing flavour.

Slater’s First Class Meats

Horsing Around Eat Slaters First Class Meats

Charcuterie has become a culinary craze of late.  As an omnivore, I am not exactly weeping about that.  Slater’s Meats is way ahead of the curve as they have already been providing quality meat to happy carnivores since 1954. Slater’s Meats is one of those old timey butcher shops where you can ask for your […]