Staff Picks

As you mosey around the old Horsing Around barnyard you’ll find some listings marked with staff icons which indicate the special place they hold in our hearts. But we know you don’t always have time to hunt for the pot of gold at the end of the proverbial rainbow, so we’ve gathered all pur favourites up in one place – our Staff Picks page. Choose a Staff Pick or Cheap-Cheep category on the right, or peruse the staff listings below to find the member of our team that best reflects your particluar personality (Magical, Cheap, Classy, Fashionable, or just plain Crazy). We’ll have you zeroing in on your target like a fly on a fresh horse pie. So Never Mind the Bullocks, Here’s the Staff Picks!

Archie_McPhee_Magic_Unicorn_60X60Magic Unicorn Awards – Have you ever met a real unicorn? They’re not anything like the candy-coated heroes you read about in fantasy novels. They’re finicky, disapproving and often downright ornery (try growing an 18″ long tooth out of your skull and see what kind of mood it puts you in). So when the MU puts his stamp of approval on a restaurant, hotel, or a little patch of heaven in our great outdoors, you know it has to be good. To find the best Victoria has to offer look no further than the winners of the coveted Magic Unicorn Award. These business and natural wonders have proven their value year after year and have managed to consistently impress our spiky comrade.

Paltry Pete 60x60Cheap-Cheep – Our pal Paltry Pete is one cheap chicken and the favourite fowl of budget conscious explorers. Pete’s always on the lookout for low-cost clothing, cut-price accommodation, bargain beer and maximum meals for minimal moola. Feeling peckish and pinched for pennies? No problem…Pete’ll have you out on the town for chicken scratch.

Monty’s Classic Club – Tired of your usual drab day to day life? Your job as the assistant to a public !Monty Icon 512x512 DSC_0102 - Editedrestroom bowl scrubber, nights alone in your 82 square foot “apartment” under the stairs in the alley by the methadone clinic, your only friend a blind, bloated (and possibly dead) rat named “Scabies”. Well friend, what you need is a break from the rancid odours, beg bugs, and urine pools of your existince with a visit to one of Monty’s favourite hotspots. You’ll find yourself surrounded by the kind of people that ooze more class than the biggest boil you’ve ever had. So slip on your top hat and tails (or at least a pair of pants for God’s sake) and get ready to rub elbows with the Monty crowd. All kidding aside, these picks by the king of class Montague C. Horse are on the pricey side, but worth the splurge when you are looking for a really special experience dining, imbibing or, um…playing a little boxspring trampoline with that special someone.

Horsing Around Victoria Black Beret Midge ModMidge Mod’s Fashionista Favourites – Midge Mod is Horsing Around Victoria’s femme fatale and your personal guide to style and beauty in Victoria. Midge is a hunter of haute couture and a prodigious partaker of personal pampering. From everyday apparel for Frugal Fashionistas, to Duds for Dandies, and cosmetics for Cool Cats. She’s digging up the latest styles as well as classic vintage threads for punks and pinups.

What the Fox 100x150What the Fox?! – If it’s weird, wonderful or just downright inexplicable our foxy friend will be there to contemplate, decipher, or just plain bark and howl at the madness of it all. And if you find yourself staring at something Victorian in disbelief let us know. We’ll have our cunning canine follow the scent and answer the question, “What The Fox is that!”

Horsing Around Victoria Big Bad John's GerrySpecial Spaces– Way back when we went to school they used to call the kid who sat in the corner wearing two different coloured socks and eating their jar of Elmer’s Paste “special”. Well that kid grew up, gave up on finding a real job, and established one of these peregrine proprieterships instead. These spaces are special, just like that kid; artsy, unique, defiant and maybe just a little crazy. It may come as no surprise that we feel right at home in these spaces, as we too are…well…just a little bit special.