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Slaters Meats By Our Quality We Shall Be Known

Charcuterie has become a culinary craze of late.  As an omnivore, I am not exactly weeping about that.  Slater’s Meats is way ahead of the curve as they have already been providing quality meat to happy carnivores since 1954.

Horsing Around Slaters Meats Counter

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Slater’s Meats is one of those old timey butcher shops where you can ask for your selection to be cut a certain way and they’ll fill your request with precision and skill.  They boned and butterflied a double joint of turkey breast for us for Christmas this year so we could create a show-stopping entrée (thank you Slater’s and thank you, Nigella Lawson!). This butcher also stocks hard to find items such as rabbit and venison loin.

Horsing Around Slaters Meats Shelves

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The shop itself is bright, cheerful and immaculately clean. There are all kinds of intriguing condiments on their shelves (chutneys, vinegars, mustard, crackers, etc.).  In addition to meaty sustenance, Slater’s carries a lovely selection of hard to find imported cheeses. This neighborhood meat market would be the ideal spot to kit yourself out for an elegant al fresco lunch. For a repast worthy of a king, purchase a loaf of focaccia bread from Pure Vanilla Bakery (located just across the street).  It’ll be the perfect accompaniment to your pate, chutney and cheese!  Slater’s sells homemade chicken, beef or turkey broth (a plus for me as I never seem to get around to making my own stock) demi-glace, pot pies, and plump juicy scallops that, thank goodness, aren’t soaked in that awful supermarket brine solution.  If it is holiday time, don’t forget to pick up a packet of Slater’s fantastic mincemeat tarts for dessert.

Whether you are planning a special roast dinner for loved ones or, if you you just want to stock up on animal protein to satisfy your inner caveman, head to Slater’s Meats.  You’ll be in expert hands.


Location: 2577 Cadboro Bay Road, Victoria. View in Google Maps.
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