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Welcome To Horsing Around Victoria, our world of unbridled passion for food and drink, art and entertainment, penthouse and pasture and all the things that make ones heart go giddy up.

For introductions to our city and our stalwart stable of staff click one of the menus to the right. Here’s a brief description of each item;

Why Victoria? – Monty makes the case for our pacific paradise and gives you the lay of the land.
Meet the Herd – An introduction to our intrepid (and criminally underpaid) staff. Mama, don’t let you’re babies grow up to be writers.
We’re Just Horsin’ AroundAn explanation of our outlook, motives, and biases in creating this site.
Credit Earned – Recognition and thanks for those who’ve provided images, code and support.
CONTACT US – Links to get a hold of the gang. You watch your sass now!



The main content of the site is made up of Posts which are divided into Categories. Our main categories are as follows (colour coded for quick reference);

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You can select any category from the Menus to find what you’re looking for. Each Main Menu has an “OVERVIEW + SuperSearch” item at the top which you can select to get information about all the related sub-categories. Not sure what the EAT category “Counter Culture” is all about. Click the EAT OVERVIEW menu to find out. The Overview page also includes our “200 Horsepower SuperSearch” to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Desperate to find a cheap kid friendly Mexican restaurant within 2 km of downtown Victoria that serves vegetarian seafood breakfasts and accepts reservations? Well, you can run our SuperSearch and find that there isn’t one…but c’mon, be a little less picky and you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.

Once you’ve selected a category or run a “SuperSearch” you’ll see a list of related posts. Each post includes a “Quick View” that summarizes the post and helps to speed up the process of finding what you’re after (see below for an example of a post Quick View).  Once you find a post in the list that interests you just click on the Post Title to read the full Post.

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At the bottom of many posts you’ll find additional information and links;

  • Staff Picks – If there’s anything in particular we have tried and recommend you’ll find it listed here. After all, not every suite in a hotel, or a meal on a menu is going to be the best. To find out if you’re more of a Monty or a Pete, and understand why you should pay any attention to the opinions of an irritable Unicorn, check out “Meet the Herd“.
  • Links to related resources such as Google Maps and Zomato (wish it was still Urbanspoon), as well as a link to the locale’s web site where applicable.
  • To share a link to the page or post you’re on through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.  just click on one of the Sharing is Caring icons. If you’re sending the link in an e-mail may we respectfully suggest the following Subject line: I may have just found the greatest web site ever created by a band of  misanthropic anthropomorphic mascots. Drop what you’re doing and check this out immediately!
  • You can quickly find similar posts by clicking on the Categories (shown as “Filed Under”) and Tags listed at the bottom.
  •  We’d love to get constructive criticism and appreciate getting updates on things we may not be aware of (new businesses, shops closing, items taken off menus, etc.). You can contact us by e-mail at montyhorse [at] horsingaroundvictoria [dot] com, or you can leave a comment at the bottom of the post. If you are an obnoxious troll who obtains great glee by cutting down the work of others please feel free to stay up all night writing us a long venom filled rant. It will do you good to get it out of your system and it will only take a fraction of a second for us to hit the delete key, or if we are feeling a little mischievous we might re-write your comments to read something like “Your review of the Opulent Mammoth restaurant was so wonderful it made rainbows shoot from eyes while I danced the Tarantella in a field of blooming cabbages”.

Thanks for checking out Horsing Around Victoria – Monty & the Gang