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saltchuck2Hello there, pretty ponies!

We hope you have been getting along great. First of all, we apologize for the long hiatus.  Work beckoned, and while we’d love to Horse Around 24/7, even dear old Monty has to work to earn his hay, er “pay”. No matter, we are delighted to be back, and just in time too, as there is an exciting business in town that Monty has been chomping at the bit to tell you all about. Saltchuck Pie Company is located on an unassuming, industrial stretch of Bay Street (360 Bay). Enticed by visions of savoury fillings encased in hot flaky pastry, we veered out of the rush hour traffic snarl to investigate.  Boy, are we glad we did.

Saltchuck Pie Company is an authentic replica of pie shops found dotted throughout Australia and New Zealand. These bakeries, stalwarts down under, sell individually portioned, hand made pies to legions of grateful customers.  Given the steady stream of customers lining up, we’d say Canadians are embracing these purveyors of pie with genuine brio.  Once we tasted the product, ourselves,  Saltchuck’s savoury creations became part of our weekly dining repertoire.

The power is in the pastry.  We have sampled pies at other establishments in and around Victoria (it is a tough job, but someone has to do it!), and while some have certainly impressed, Saltchuck’s pastry eclipses them all.  Gossamer tender, golden-hued, and as flaky as puff pastry, this is the pie crust to end all pie crusts.  Fillings within are a winning compliment to the delicate exteriors.  We have enjoyed a number of the individual pies, the ham and egg – served open face with sunny yellow yolk with generous slices of sweet-salty ham, the beef mushroom (our perennial favourite)  tender beef with meaty mushrooms swimming in a rich winey gravy. Adventurous eaters must sample the rabbit pie, moist chunks of rabbit are braised in a dijon cream sauce.  If you are a little nervous to try rabbit, we encourage you to overcome your preconceptions and give it a try.  The meat is lean and flavourful (but devoid of that funky gaminess that many North American eaters are not accustomed to).  The madras lamb pie is suitably spicy and the pepper steak is intensely peppery with a piquant hit of Worcestershire.    If you don’t eat meat, you can still enjoy a lentil pie, mushroom bean and garlic, or combine  breakfast and dinner in one with a spinach, egg and chevre tart.

While Saltchuck’s primary focus is savoury pie, sweet-tooths may rejoice as there are some stellar desserts in the offing. The white chocolate raspberry brownie; moist, not too sweet, and dotted with whole raspberries, is a stand out.  The apple hand pie will satisfy non-chocoholics who prefer fruit desserts, i.e. tarts, strudels and crumbles (YOU know who you are).  If you see one in the display case, bring home a Lamington. This Australian cake, a tender sponge coated in chocolate and rolled in desiccated coconut, is worth traveling down under for, only now you don’t have to!  Full sized fruit pies are available to purchase by individual slice or whole.

Saltchuck Pie has counter service with seating available for eating in. We love the cheerful interior filled with kitschy, retro decor.  If you are in a rush, take your pies to go, the savoury creations freeze well and can be reheated in a low oven.

Have you visited Saltchuck Pie Company yet?  What do you think? Visit our Facebook and Twitter pages and tell Uncle Monty all about it! As always, we love hearing from you.  Don’t forget, we are Instagram now too.

Take care, pretty ponies. We’ll be back soon with Weekly Shout Out.  Have a wonderful week!

xoxoxo Monty, Pete, and the whole gang at H.A. H.Q.



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