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How has your summer been so far?  We hope you are getting along swimmingly.

There was a time when we lamented the lack of quality ice cream in our fair berg.   If you wanted a cone, you had to go to the overpriced tourist traps on Government Street for a stingily portioned, egregiously priced, mediocre cone (Beacon Hill Drive In’s soft serve excepted of course – you can’t argue with a classic).

Well, we don’t have to scream for ice cream any more.  Miraculously, a few intrepid souls have brought quality ice cream back to the fore.  And boy oh boy, are we grateful!

Parachute Ice Cream is located on an unassuming stretch of Bridge Street in Rock Bay.  This neighbourhood, once dismissed as an industrial wasteland, is evolving in to a mecca for creative and affordable eats (Wheelies, Prima Strada Pizza, and Moon Under Water Pub are all located in the vicinity).  On a sweltering evening, we popped in to Parachute for a cone and whoa nelly, were we glad we did.

Parachute’s ice cream is made from water buffalo milk from the McClintock farm in Comox.  The milk gives the product the creamy mouthfeel and silky-smooth texture that is paramount in a quality ice cream.  We sampled several  varieties –  rhubarb crumble (tender rhubarb with delectable chunks of cinnamon-flecked oats), salted caramel (ultra creamy and not too sweet), and the tart, citrusy, ultra-refreshing orange creamsicle. This ice cream purveyor also  stocks “classic” flavours such as vanilla-bean, expresso and dark chocolate, perfect for pairing with your tart, pie, galette or cake. If it is a cone or cup you are after (rather than a take home pint) noteworthy at Parachute, is that you may choose not one, but TWO flavours with your single scoop order and, at this particular ice cream shop, single scoop is a misnomer – a single portion, in fact constitutes four HUGE scoops.  And, priced at just over 5$ for a cone of truly Falstaffian proportions, this Parachute gets Paltry Pete, Victoria’s pre-eminent value oriented rooster’s, official crow of approval (this one is a cock a doodle DO).

Have you tried Parachute Ice Cream?  What is YOUR favourite flavour, is it whiskey hazelnut, pink grapefruit, or are you more classic vanilla (hey, we don’t judge!).  Visit our Facebook and Twitter pages and tell us Uncle Monty all about it.  Don’t forget, we’re on Instagram now too.  If you subscribe to our blog, you’ll never miss another edition of Horsing Around.

That is all for now folks.  We’ll be back soon with another edition of Weekly Shout Out.  Until then, take care and be sure to eat your ice cream.


Pete, Monty and the whole gang at H.A. H.Q.


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