Paltry Pete’s Picks

One Cheap Chicken Our pal Pete is one cheap chicken and the favourite fowl of budget conscious explorers. Pete’s always on the lookout for low-cost clothing, cut-price accommodation, bargain beer and maximum meals for minimal moola.

Now Pete doesn’t necessarily like the term “cheap”. In fact he crowed on about being called the “value oriented rooster”, but what kind of a moniker is that? In all fairness Pete likes good food, enjoys a night out on the town, and loves to dress in the finest polyester and pleather. But with a house full of hens and another 90 chicks on the way…this cock’s on a budget.

The way Pete sees it for the same silver he can either eat with the clown, or sample some fine, fresh fare at a deli or diner. He can spend a night in a profligate penthouse or a week in a standard stable. He can pocket a pair of briefs at the upscale boutique or buy a whole new wardrobe at the Value Village. So commence to clickin’ and Pete’ll have you out on the town for chicken scratch.

Is your budget tighter than a beaver’s bum? No problem…click here to view ALL of Pete’s Picks or check out our CHEAP menus on the right to get a little more specific.

Recommended Listening (and Viewing):  “Old Lost John” by Sonny Terry (as used in the final scene of the Werner Herzog film “Stroszek”)