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olive1 olive2We at Horsing Around have a confession to make.  When Olive the Senses opened in the Market on the Hudson we were skeptical.   In spite of our fondness for all things Mediterranean, we thought, really, an olive oil store?  How much olive oil can one person consume?  Surely this isn’t a viable business concept?

Boy were we ever wrong.  We wandered in to Olive the Senses one day looking to buy some vinegar. We’d been on a regimen to trim our waistlines and all that salad eating got hooked on balsamic vinegar. We were going through bottles of the silky, sweet elixir in staggering quantities.  While we’d enjoyed a number of different balsamic from delis and specialty stores, the vinegar we tasted at Olive the Senses was a revelation.  The product, hailing from Modena Italy, is aged up to 18 years and, once harvested from barrels yields a thick, sweet vinegar with unsurpassed creaminess.  We were blown away that a vinegar could be so good as to tempt us to just fill up a glass of the stuff and guzzle it.

Part of the fun of at Olive the Senses is that you can sample all of their product right in house.  If you are overwhelmed by the sheer variety of oils and vinegars, a staff member will be more than happy to lend their expertise and help you choose something that is right for you.  All the oils and vinegars are hand bottled on site to ensure you get the utmost freshness.

Since discovering Olive the Senses, we have consumed innumerable bottles of balsamic vinegars and infused olive oils.  Our current favourites are the pear cinnamon dark balsamic (fab on greens or drizzled on pork tenderloin), honey ginger white balsamic (perfect for Asian style salads and slaws), espresso dark balsamic (trickle a little on to a brownie or some premium dark chocolate – heaven).

If it is olive oil you are after, try adding a little basil infused olive oil  to your favourite pasta sauce or brush lemon infused olive oil on to a halibut or tuna filet.  If you have a friend loved one who loves to cook, a bottle of balsamic and some olive oil would make a superb hostess gift.  Don’t forget to treat yourself while you are at it.

We hope, dear readers, that you will enjoy Olive the Senses.  If you happen to head down to the Market, write to us and let us know which vinegar or oil you favoured.  As always, we’d be delighted to hear from you.

Take care everyone, and don’t forget to eat your heart healthy olive oil (says Olive Oyl).


Monty and the entire gang at Horsing Around

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