Midge Mod

Midge Mod - Horsing Around's Fierce Femme Fatale

Midge Mod – Horsing Around’s Fierce Femme Fatale

Meet Midge Mod, Horsing Around Victoria’s fatal fashionista, Monty’s personal bodyguard, and your guide to the world of style, beauty and pampering in Victoria.

So “what”, you may ask, “is she doing decked out like a couture commando?”  While Midge may appear to be just another run-of–the-mill-super-model fresh off the runways of Paris and Milan, hidden beneath the surface of that shimmering alabaster skin lie many dark secrets (and many deadly skills) that together fashion a formidable woman who is equal parts beauty, and beast. (Why do you think Monty hired her?)

When Midge isn’t busy “dealing” with paparazzi or cleaning up Monty’s “messes” she spends her time as a hunter of haute couture and a prodigious partaker of personal pampering. So whether you’re looking for frugal fashions finds, marvelous manicures, duds for dandies, or killer accessories (like designer nunchucks, or colour coordinated poison lipstick) you can trust Midge, our fashion assasin.

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You can also click here if you really want to know Midge’s whole seedy life story, but just remember, once we tell you, she may just have to kill you.