Meet the Herd

Monty ShortcropMontague C. Horse – Publisher and head of the herd…our regal roustabout and swinger of the stirrups. From his humble beginnings, to his legendary days on the track and legendary nights in the penthouse, Monty has done it all. But what does an old stallion do when the curtain finally falls? After the parties, the winner’s circles, and the pretty stable boys? Well…retire to Victoria of course. From the moment his yacht The Queen Monty first sailed into our harbour he knew he had found something special. After a few years falling in love with our Pacific paradise he decided to share his passion with the world and bring you this website. Monty knows that not everyone can afford the luxuries he has become accustomed to and wanted to make sure that even we “the common folk” could be included in the enjoyment of Victoria’s charms. And so he set out to assemble a team who shared his love for the city and were used to living on a little more “limited” budget (they had to be willing to work for straw and apple cores…this is the web after all). To explore the more regal side of Victoria click here to view Monty’s picks.

Read on for an introduction to our stalwart stable of staff, and if you’re desperate to know more about our elegant equine check out Monty’s self-serving synopsis (what he calls his “fascinating personal tale of rags to riches”) by clicking here. To contact Monty and the gang please check out our contact page here.


Unicorn Front OnThe Magic Unicorn – Have you ever met a real unicorn? They’re not anything like the candy-coated heroes you read about in fantasy novels. They’re finicky, disapproving and often downright ornery (try growing an 18″ long tooth out of your head and see what kind of mood it puts you in). So when the MU puts his stamp of approval on a restaurant, hotel, or little patch of heaven in our great outdoors, you know it has to be good. To find out more about our phallus faced friend and his popular picks click here.


Horsing Around Victoria Paltry Pete, Portrait of a PeckerPaltry Pete – Our pal Pete is one cheap chicken and the favourite fowl of budget conscious explorers. Pete’s always on the lookout for low-cost clothing, cut-price accommodation, bargain beer and maximum meals for minimal moola. Feeling peckish and pinched for pennies? No problem…Pete’ll have you out on the town for chicken scratch. To learn about Pete and his paltry picks click here.



Horsing Around Victoria Black Beret Midge ModMidge Mod – Meet Midge Mod, Horsing Around Victoria’s femme fatale and your personal guide to style and beauty in Victoria. Midge spends her days as Monty’s personal body guard and is Horsing Around’s but in her time off she is a hunter of haute couture and a prodigious partaker of personal pampering. Hey, after a hard day of “dealing” with paparazzi and cleaning up Monty’s “messes” a girl likes to look and feel her best. From everyday apparel for Frugal Fashionistas, to Duds for Dandies, and cosmetics for Cool Cats. She’s digging up the latest styles as well as classic vintage threads for punks and pinups. Click here to enter Midge’s seductive secret lair.


What the Fox 100x150What the Fox? – If it’s weird, wonderful or just downright inexplicable our foxy friend will be there to contemplate, decipher, or just plain bark and howl at the madness of it all. And if you find yourself staring at something Victorian in disbelief let us know. We’ll have our cunning canine follow the scent and answer the question, “What The Fox is that!” Click here to find out what the Fox says.



cornNadine (Editor’n’chef) – Nadine is a writer and inveterate foodie who began her working life toiling in and out of hotel and restaurant kitchens.   When she isn’t prognosticating about Victoria’s many pleasures and oddities, you’ll find her reading fiction and poetry, puttering around her kitchen, or sighing over some inscrutable French new wave film.    She enjoys many of the finer cheeses. Click here to see all of Nadine’s posts



Steve after ferry food

Stevebee (Webmasterslave) – Every once in a while, between endlessly tweaking menus and repeatedly hitting “Preview Changes” on Posts, Steve loses his mind and spews forth a rant that has little to do with the purpose of the site, but plenty to do with his pent-up befuddlement at the state of mankind, the workings of the universe and how anyone who isn’t a celiac could be so utterly terrified of a tiny little protein found in a wheat endosperm. He believes these outbursts to be a form of much needed therapy, which is just as well because as an unpaid human in an office full of animal overlords, he will never be able to afford the real thing.