Magic Unicorn Awards

Magic Unicorn 457x620Meet our friendĀ The Magic Unicorn. He may remind you of your sparkly haired My Little Pony toy but trust us, he’s not all rainbows and lollipops. He’s finicky, disapproving and often just downright ornery (especially after a long Saturday night down at the leprechaun’s tavern). Why we once saw him impale an ice cream vendor and toss him clear across the street just for getting some pistachio bubblegum ice cream on his scoop of tiger stripe!

So to find the best Victoria has to offer look no further than the winners of the coveted Magic Unicorn Award. These business and natural wonders have proven their value year after year and have managed to consistently impress our surly spike endowed comrade. Sometimes they’re chosen for pure unabashed quality. Sometimes for providing great value, great service, a unique experience, or for character worthy of a legendary demi-god’s approval.

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Recommended Listening: “You Sexy Thing” by Hot Chocolate