LGBTQ Community

Magic Unicorn with Pride Flag

We feel that just about everywhere in Victoria is LGBTQ friendly and we hope that’s the experience you’ll have here. (If you come across a business that you feel is  discriminatory in any way let us know and we’ll send the Magic Unicorn around for a rather pointed chat.) If you would like to connect with the local community or find LGBTQ related services we’ve provided a few links below that may help you to do so.


pinkpageslogocroppedVictoria Pink Pages – The following description is taken directly from the Pink Pages website;


This site is a way for LGBTQ communities in Victoria, BC to:

  • connect with organizations that are openly safe and welcoming
  • find products and services that meet our communities’ needs and interests
  • support businesses and community organization that are owned or run by LGBTQ folks


Victoria Pride Sociery Logo


Victoria Pride Society – The following description is taken directly from the Victoria Pride Society website; 

The Victoria Pride Society’s mission is based on empowerment. We empower those who are – or think they might be – gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, two-spirited, intersex, friends and allies. Victoria Pride fosters learning and empowerment through social celebration and networking. We strive to create a better public understanding of our community’s history, courage, diversity and future.