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La Taquisa Mexican Restaurant Victoria BC LogoThere was a time when we weren’t sure what we thought of Mexican food because we’d only had the North American version of Latin American cuisine.  Generally this consists of over-salted greasy ground beef, rubbery cheese and a leaf or two of wilted iceberg lettuce, all stuffed into a stale supermarket corn tortilla that would invariably explode before we could get our mouths around it. Then we discovered REAL Mexican nosh and we had an epiphany.  Since then, at Horsing Around world headquarters, Latin American food has become a passion bordering on obsession.  Imagine our ecstasy when La Taquisa came along.  We could please our palates and our pocketbooks at the same time, our favorite dual pleasure after mutual orgasm.  Heck, with prices like these you may climax just reading the menu.

Authentic Mexican food is an explosion of textures and flavors, crispy and soft, spicy and refreshing.

La Taquisa Mexican Restaurant Victoria BC Tacos

5 Tacos for 10 Bucks. Holy Guacamole!

At La Taquisa, tacos ring in at a paltry $2.50 each, but why stop at one when you can get five whole tacos for just $10.  Choose from mouth-watering fillings such as: Okanagan flank steak in adobo sauce, pork chorizo, chicken tinga (stewed chicken with tomato and chipotle), chicken mole (a rich smoky sauce, flavored with a hint of dark chocolate), shrimp Baja (crispy breaded shrimp) or, our two favorites, bean and cheese (we love meaty, toothsome pinto beans) and fish al pastor (cod marinated in adobo sauce and baked).  We find that sharing 2 ½ tacos each satisfies our appetite and makes for a delicious, inexpensive lunch.  If you have a hearty appetite we suggest a solo order of five tacos, or consider the burrito which consists of a 12” flour tortilla stuffed to the brim, with beans, cheese, pico de gallo salsa (onion, fresh cut tomatoes, cucumber and cilantro) AND your choice of one of the fillings listed above.  You can upgrade to the big as your head “El Gordo” for just 2$ more and get an extra filling to add to your noshing pleasure.  If you want a side for nibbling, La Taquisa makes a smooth, velvety guacamole, which you can eat with tortilla chips or dollop on top of your existing meal.

La Taquisa Mexican Restaurant Victoria BC Blanshard StreetTaco veterans should take note that at La Taquisa you can choose from different variety of salsas according to your preference. If the ubiquitous pico de gallo doesn’t tickle your palate, there are versions of mild or spicy verde (an addictive green salsa made from grilled tomatillos), picante salsa (grilled tomatoes with a little Valentina’s for kick) as well as the brava-super spicy (habanera peppers with fresh lime) to really blow the roof off.

Authentic Mexican food is nothing like that stuff that comes out of a packet. It is an explosion of textures and flavors, crispy and soft, spicy and refreshing.  We will refrain from more proselytizing and let you try it for yourself.  With chicken-scratch prices like these it would be a shame not to take advantage.  Happy noshing!

PETE’S PICKS:  Fish al Pastor with spicy verde, Bean and Cheese with picante salsa, Baja style Shrimp with pico de gallo, Guacamole

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