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We have a tradition here at Horsing Around Victoria. Whenever we take a road trip, we always pick up sandwiches from Italian Food Imports beforehand. This deli has some of the tastiest sandwiches in town. Don’t be daunted by the long line ups. Counter staff move with lightning efficiency. You’ll be in and out before know it. If you are a hot lunch sort of person (rather than a sandwich person), try the daily pasta special. The rose sauce is excellent, creamy and cheesy and just like mama used to make.

Italian Food Imports is a haven for the Italianophile, and we love all things Italian! While your sandwich is being made, be sure to stock up on a few staples: Grana Padano parmesan, creamy buffalo mozzarella, artichokes, juicy olives, and Italian proscuitto. Proscuitto is a dry cured seasoned ham. Try wrapping a thin, silky slice of this magical foodstuff around a chicken breast or salmon fillet, tuck in a fresh basil leaf, then bake, grill or BBQ. The prosciutto will baste the meat, making it moist and tender and the outside will be lovely and crisp. Incredible!

This deli has counter service only. There are a few tables for eating in if you want to devour your sandwich right there. I certainly wouldn’t blame you for being impatient. Once you visit this deli, you’ll see why it is perennially popular.


Paltry PetePETE’S PICKS: pasta with rose sauce, panini with prosciutto, meatball sandwich
IMBIBE: Orangina, San Pellegrino limonatta, cappuccino
Location: 1114 Blanshard Street, Victoria. View in Google Maps.


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Recommended Listening (and Viewing): “Stornelli Amorosi” by Claudio Villa as heard in the Stanley Tucci Film “Big Night”

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