Introducing the Horsing Around Victoria Blog

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Welcome to the Horsing Around Victoria Blog.  We at Horsing Around H.Q. hope your summer has been going along swimmingly.  What fantastic weather we have had!

Creating the website has been fun and revelatory and we certainly have learned a thing or two over the last year or so. One thing that struck us is how malleable the hospitality industry is.  Some establishments start off strong only to careen downhill.  Others get off to a shaky start, work out the kinks and eventually improve.  Some businesses fail to make a go of it altogether.  Other stalwarts have stood the test of time and, miraculously, knock it out of the ballpark each and every time we show up (Magic Unicorn Award fodder).

Originally, we wanted to cut a wide swath with our website content, giving our readers as many choices as possible.  Instead, we have decided to do the exact opposite  Ultimately, we want the H.A. website to be meticulously curated and reliable (though do keep in mind that we cannot control each and every variable – remember what I said about malleability?).

What we are most excited about when it comes to this blogeldeegook, is that we’ll be able to update you lovely folk on a regular basis. We now have a forum in which we may separate the wheat from the chaff.  Over time, we’ll decide what ultimately lands on the website.  And, if a business (restaurant, bar, hotel etc) lowers in our esteem (or improves) we’ll be sure to post our thoughts right here and keep you informed!

You’ll be hearing from Monty, Pete, Haltiwanger (our Vancouver correspondent) and other members of the Horsing Around team real soon.  We can’t wait!

Feel free to drop us a line with any suggestions or feedback.  We love hearing from you!

See you soon!

Love Monty and the gang.




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