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i kyu noodles dan dan dumplingHello there, pretty little ponies!

Horsing Around is happy to announce our new Weekly Shout Out column where we will inform you, gentle readers, of anything new and noteworthy we stumbled upon in our weekly wanderings.

Shout Out will be a sort homage to the “what is making us happy this week” segment on our favourite podcast, NPR’s Pop Culture Happy Hour (well worth a listen if you love witty, intelligent discourse on all things pop culture).

We have already mentioned the Fringe Festival which is in full swing this week.  No doubt if you are fringing, you’ll need to refuel between shows, yet still have enough cash left over to line up yet again for Sperm Wars or Birdman.

I Kyu Noodles on 564 Fisgard is a family owned an operated restaurant where they make their own noodles in house.  As of this writing, we haven’t had the opportunity to sample widely from the menu but we just HAD to get our oar in and give mention to the spicy shrimp and pork dumplings.  The puffy, pillowy dumplings have just the right amount of gingery filling ensconced in a tender gossamer thin dough and, at 9.95 a plate, you can eat loads of them. (The owners also sell them frozen to take home).

If it is ambiance you are looking for, I Kyu might not be your cup of tea.  The place is a little ramshackle (we noted with amusement that, inexplicably, the walls are painted in such a way that appears the painter ran out of paint and didn’t bother to finish the job. But, if you can overlook the lack of atmosphere (and really, it isn’t that bad, there is a magazine rack so you can read while you wait for your order), you will be amply rewarded with steaming cauldrons of ramen, coconut curry soup, or a plate of their legendary won tons.

As of this writing we have only been to I Kyu once. We did try their version of Japanese gyoza but the Chinese pork and shrimp wonton were much more flavourful and better executed. If you happen to love peanut sauce, we can vouch for the Dan Dan Noodles (homemade noodles with spicy ground pork, peanut sauce, and topped with crunchy bean sprouts and crushed peanuts).

We’ll certainly be back to I Kyu try many more dishes but invariably, 100% of the time, we’ll commence our repast with a plate of those saucy and spicy dumplings.  We hope you’ll enjoy them too, dear readers, if ever you are ambling through Chinatown.

Bon appetite and happy Thursday, my little dumplings.

xoxo from Paltry Pete all of the gang at Horsing Around.

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