Horsing Around Victoria’s First 100 Facebook Likes Contest Draw

Horsing Around prize draw Jan 19, 2014 - A Drumroll PleaseOur publisher and head honcho Montague C. Horse was on hand today to help the magic Unicorn draw a name from the official Horsing Around fedora to pick a winner for our First 100 Facebook Likes contest. The tension was high as we took a moment to reflect on how one lucky souls life would forever be changed by this momentous win, then Uni dipped a hoof in and pulled out a winner – Yvonne Fried!


Horsing Around Jan 19, 2014 prize pack

Yvonne wins a Fort Street merchants prize pack including old-timey paintee stuff, beeswax and other indescribable items from Sweet Peas at Home, Rose & Wine Jelly from Choux Choux Charcuterie, a $50 gift certificate for a workshop at the MakeHouse, a $10 Crust Bakery gift certificate and a mini-box of chocolates. We can only imagine the joy that Yvonne will experience painting her old-timey wood sewing table which she’ll be using frequently after taking her lingerie sewing lessons at the MakeHouse. When she’s ready for a break she can reward herself with a slice of Crust Bakery bread coupled with lashings of Rose Petal Jelly and chocolate bon-bons.


No need to thank us Yvonne, your sweet tears of joy are enough. And the rests of you don’t forget to enter our future giveaways for more stunning prizes. 

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