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Horsing Around Victoria Paltry Pete, Portrait of a PeckerHello there little chicklets, Paltry Pete here, Victoria’s pre-eminent value oriented rooster.  It is a difficult job, pecking my way through this town’s tasty tipple and tempting tapas, but with a battery of hens in the henhouse and 150 chicks on the way, I have got to count every penny, and that ain’t chicken scratch!  And it only seems fair to share my discoveries with you, dear readers because, as you know, I am magnanimous in all my poultry pulchitrude.  You are welcome.

The Mint is a favourite of Victoria’s late night dining devotees but, as I have to be up each morning to crow at the crack of dawn, (my neighbours shout and pump their fists,  I think they love that 4 am wake up), I figured I’d have to forgo refresh-Mint.  Happily I was wrong. The Mint opens its doors at 5 pm, making it a perfect stopover on route home from work and, to make the subterranean enclave  even more enticing, they have happy hour specials from 5-7 pm.

mint prawnsThe Mint, in keeping with its namesake, is famous for its mojito, a libation made with rum, club soda, lime and muddled mint.  During happy hour, this refreshing tipple rings in at just $3.00.   As your minty aperitif will invariably stimulate your appetite, you’ll want to check out the cannily thrifty feature appetizer specials.  The selection of six dollar appys impresses.  I was particularly enamoured of the chili prawns, which are bathed in a creamy, garlicky coconut sauce.  The server asked whether I’d like rice on the side.  A plate of fluffy jasmine rice would make this dish a meal in itself but, if prefer, you can sop up all the lovely juices with the accompanying baguette.  That way you might have enough room share the Mint platter (just $11 during happy hour).  The platter comes with an assortment of Mediterranean delicacies, a lemony hummus, oregano flecked olives, cheddar cheese, a whole bulb of sweet roast garlic, dried figs and apricots and lots of bread and crackers for dipping and dunking.  Large enough for two, it is a spendthrift’s wet dream.  The chicken curry poutine may sound like a bad idea at the outset, but after a few mojitos, you’ll be dunking the last of the crispy fries in to the spicy sauce and licking your fingers (or, in my case, talons).

Mint Platter

Mint Platter

This is just a sampling of the appetizers available during happy hour.  Most ring in at just $6.00 and are suitable for sharing.  While summer screams for outdoor patios, fall and winter make subterranean worlds inviting for their enveloping warmth.  With prices like these, you won’t be able to resist and you too will have something to crow about.

PETE’S PICKS:  The Mint Platter, Butter Chicken Curry Poutine, Red Chili Garlic Coconut Cream Prawns

Have you been to The Mint?   If not, what is your favourite spot for late night nosh?  Visit our facebook and twitter pages and comment.  As always, we love to hear from you.  Pete and the gang at Horsing Around wish  you a happy, safe, and thrifty Halloween.

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