Fringe Festival 2015


Hello there, pretty little ponies!

The staff here at Horsing Around would like to remind you that the 2015 Fringe Festival is on. Fringe Fest allows you to partake in cutting edge contemporary theatre at prices that even our spend-thrift rooster, Paltry Pete, would approve of.

If you have never Fringed before, it is easy. You must buy a membership button ($6) and then tickets are approximately $11 (sometimes less). You can line up at the venue or buy your tickets in advance. If you purchase your tickets ahead, there will be a small surcharge. You can pick up a program at Intrepid Theatre’s office, located downtown at #2-1609 Blanshard Street or you may access the entire program online at

The Fringe Festival is a fantastic way to explore live theatre and see established and emerging talent from all over the world for less than what you’d pay to see a movie. 100% of your hard earned dollars go directly to the artist you choose to see. And, the sense of fun and excitement surrounding Fringe is infectious. Once you have tried Fringe, you’ll likely go back year after year. Shows are varied in content (drama, dance, comedy) so there is something for everyone.

As of this writing, we are excitedly combing through the program. A few shows we don’t want to miss are Lieutenant Nun, Ha!, God is a Scottish Drag Queen II, and the Untitled Sam Mullins Project. Feel free to drop us a note if you have seen something you don’t think we should miss.
Happy Fringing everyone. We’ll see you out there in the line up!

Monty, Pete and the rest of the Horsing Around staffers.

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