Credit Earned

There’s a bunch of folks that we want to thank for their contributions which have made Horsing Around Victoria possible (and have therefore led to the greater good of all humanity).

Unicorn and Horse from Archie McPhee_com

First we want to thank those wunderkinds of weirdness – Archie McPhee. These purveyors of pleasurable plastics and essential items for clean and righteous living have inspired us in many ways. Check out their website ( and you may notice that their Horse Mask and Smoking Jacket Combo bears an uncanny resemblance to our beloved Monty. Come to think of it their Magical Unicorn Mask looks so much like our phallus faced friend the Magic Unicorn you could swear they must be brothers, or at least second cousins twice removed. Many marvelous McPhee creations are available right here in Victoria from Zydeco or Oscar & Libby’s, and if you’re ever in the Seattle area be sure to stop by their world headquarters at 1300 North 45th Street (you may even catch a glimpse of the Wallingford Beast).

And how about this amazing thingingawatchamacallit that is WordPress. At Horsing Around Victoria we still believe that bits and bytes are a snack food and the world wide web is something we’re all going to have to deal with when the Spiders from Mars attack, but we still somehow managed to cobble together this website using WordPress. WordPress software is absolutely free due to the tireless work of hundreds (thousands?) of volunteers who contribute their time and share with us the fruits of their giant pulsating brain masses. Check out the wonderful world of WordPress at We would also like to thank the folks at Organic Themes who provided us with their Restaurant theme to get the ball rolling.

A big thank you to the wonderful Wendy Nesbitt for taking many of the glamour shots of our animal overlords and for being willing to be seen in public with two characters that can inspire anything from gunfire to pop-up orgies when brought into proximity with the great unwashed masses (seriously people, take a bath).

And most of all we’d like to thank all of our wonderful local restaurant, shop, hotel, pub, attraction, and facility workers and owners, the groundskeepers, street sweepers and hanging basket waterers. The event organizers, community leaders, and protectors of the poor and forgotten in a city where living doesn’t come cheap. The people who dress strangely, look funny, smell funky and generally spice up the place, and all the other super-heroes that fight the forces of dullness and apathy everyday to make our city a little more beautiful and a whole lot more fun. We salute you oh brave ones!