Clive’s Cocktail Lounge

Clive's Interior

Clive’s Interior

The onset of winter induces the urge to linger in a cozy nook, either with a special someone or a few friends. Clive’s Cocktail Lounge is ideal for this sort of respite.   It is large enough to accommodate a group, yet intimate enough for date night. The décor, with its subtle deco influences, lends an air of quiet opulence.

Clive’s has an extensive (and, for neophytes somewhat intimidating) cocktail list. They take the mixology mantra seriously here. According to the website, when lacking, bartenders create their own bitters, syrups, shrubs, and garnishes. A good thing too, because, as I have always said, sometimes, all that is missing in a good cocktail is shrubbery. Where are the cedar hedges? Kidding aside, a shrub is vinegar-based emulsion used to add a note of acidity to your libation.

We’ll be honest, while we are not averse to sipping an expertly made cocktail; our own imbibing tastes are more parochial. If all you want is a gin and tonic or a sidecar, ask your server and the bartenders will make one for you without raising an eyebrow.   We’ll leave it up to you dear readers, to decide whether you want to sip green chartreuse and oregano bitters or a classic gin martini.   We know what Monty would opt for, don’t we?

Clive's oueey goeey mac and cheese

Clive’s oueey goeey mac and cheese

Drinks at Clive’s come at a premium, but if it is romantic ambiance you want, and you aren’t a big imbiber (we’d rather drink one good cocktail than three watery, lukewarm ones) this lounge may be just the ticket. As of this writing, we haven’t sampled extensively from the food menu, but we can vouch for the yummy sliders (a great way to satisfy a burger craving without feeling overstuffed), the grilled cheese fingers with marinara sauce for dunking (when is baked cheese ever a bad thing, especially when you are a little tipsy?), the mac and cheese, and the crunchy, salty Ferna Branca infused mixed nuts.   Oenophiles must try the Malbec (Norton’s), wonderfully smooth, it is an absolute favourite of ours, and just the ticket if you want to imbibe a little something, but hard liquor packs too great a punch.

Service at Clive’s is friendly and attentive. Our only quibble is that because the menu is complex, it would be helpful if a glossary were added describing the lesser known ingredients. While the manager assures me that bartenders will answer any questions, timid customers will feel reticent to ask. Not only would a glossary eliminate sheepish feeling for those of us who may not recognize every single ingredient (and, with this menu, even food writers and service professionals will be stymied), a list of definitions would be of interest for cocktail aficionados who want to learn more about what they are imbibing.

Do let us know what you think of Clive’s or if there is another lounge you love when you crave a quiet drink? Visit our Facebook or Twitter page and comment, or shoot us a message.

Happy imbibing!

Have a wonderful week, my pretty ponies.

Love Monty and the whole gang at Horsing Around H.Q.





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