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Welcome To Horsing Around Victoria, our world of unbridled passion for food and drink, art and entertainment, penthouse and pasture and all the things that make ones heart go giddy up. For introductions to our city and our stalwart stable of staff click one of the menus to the right. Here’s a brief description of each […]

Magic Unicorn Awards

Magic Unicorn

Meet our friend The Magic Unicorn. He may remind you of your sparkly haired My Little Pony toy but trust us, he’s not all rainbows and lollipops. He’s finicky, disapproving and often just downright ornery (especially after a long Saturday night down at the leprechaun’s tavern). Why we once saw him impale an ice cream vendor […]

Paltry Pete’s Picks

Our pal Pete is one cheap chicken and the favourite fowl of budget conscious explorers. Pete’s always on the lookout for low-cost clothing, cut-price accommodation, bargain beer and maximum meals for minimal moola. Now Pete doesn’t necessarily like the term “cheap”. In fact he crowed on about being called the “value oriented rooster”, but what kind of […]