Howdy there pretty ponies! Hope you are having a lovely weekend. Summer weather has arrived at last! It is hard not to be exhilarated by the blue skies and enveloping warmth.   Here are a few things tickling our fancy this summery Sunday: Summer would not be summer without at least one road trip. Last […]


Good afternoon, pretty ponies!  How the heck are you? We have pre-empted our usual Sunday spiel in favour of a mid week shout out as this Saturday, the gang at H.A head to Parksville for our annual summer getaway. We miss the Coombs Market and the rooftop goats.  We hope you are thriving and having your […]


Howdy there, pretty ponies! How are you, colts and fillies? We hope you have been having a lovely, sun filled weekend. As it happens, our favourite things this week all begin with the letter B.  But let us not beat around the bush (see what I did there?) let us get down to brass buttons, err, tacks.   Bao, a new Asian […]

Frank’s Honey Bun Cafe

Hello there chicklets! Paltry Pete here, Victoria’s pre-eminent, value oriented rooster.  The holidays are fast approaching, and we need to keep our strength up for the onslaught of family, work, and social obligations that keep our timetables overflowing from now through to January. We want to fill our bellies for nourishment and succour, but we […]

La Taquisa

Eat La Taquisa Victoria BC Mexican Restaurant

High quality authentic Mexican food available from two “cafeteria-style” service locations. Fast, fresh, delicious and very cheap considering the quality of food. A “Pete’s Pick” for pleasing our palates and our pocketbooks.

Duffin’s Donuts

Duffin's Donuts Vancouver BC

Some of the most eclectic 24-hour menu selections in Vancouver. Mexican torta sandwiches, Fritou fried chicken, hamburgers, all-day breakfast, Chinese food, and Vietnamese noodle soup just to name a few (with a clientele as varied as the menu offerings). “Duck and cover” cold war décor with pre-fabricated furniture indestructible enough to survive nuclear Armageddon add to the charm. What more can we say except you might need some Rolaids after a visit to Duffin’s, but who cares when the food is as good and invigorating as these fine offerings.

Da Tandoor Indian Restaurant

Da Tandoor Victoria BC Indian Restaurant

One of Victoria’s oldest and best loved Indian restaurants and a great place to sample multiple dishes . Though some find the décor “tired” we think it’s charming and with a crispy samosa in one hand, warm nan bread in the other, and a steaming bowl of delectable curry in front of you…WHO CARES!

Ferris’ Upstairs Seafood + Oyster Bar

Ferris' Upstairs Victoria BC Romantic Tapas Bistro

A sophisticated, romantic restaurant, Ferris’ is the perfect venue for a date night or an evening with friends. Share delectable small plates, of seafood, oysters and Spanish inspired nosh. One of Victoria’s best.

Pizzeria Prima Strada

Pizzeria Prima Strada Victoria BC

Pizzeria Prima Strada is a lively authentic Italian eatery that features unfussy food made with fresh premium ingredients. Their specialty is wonderful Neapolitan style thin crust pizzas cooked in a wood fire oven.

Il Terrazzo Ristorante

Il Terrazzo Ristorante Victoria BC Italian Food

A romantic Italian eatery with an old world feel. Pastas, meat dishes, seafood and delicious wood fire pizzas. Ample portions, great service & an extensive wine list. A long time Victoria favourite. Bon Appetito!