Howdy there, pretty ponies! How are you, colts and fillies? We hope you have been having a lovely, sun filled weekend. As it happens, our favourite things this week all begin with the letter B.  But let us not beat around the bush (see what I did there?) let us get down to brass buttons, err, tacks.   Bao, a new Asian […]

Weekly Shout Out – Saint Franks, Andy Shauf, Turtle Express

Greetings pretty ponies! First of all, we apologize that our hiatus from web wrangling went on much longer than anticipated.  We won’t bore you with the particulars, suffice to say, work/family obligations took precedent. Believe us when we say that if we had our druthers, we’d be out Horsing Around 24/7 but, sometimes, a man […]

Spinnakers Pub

Good afternoon, pretty ponies! On a weekend afternoon, there is nothing we enjoy more than sauntering along the Songhees, the picturesque walkway which extends from the west end of the Johnson Street Bridge, all the way down through to the municipality of Esquimalt. Along the way, we ogle the harbour views.  If we make it […]

Bard and Banker Pub

Good morning, pretty ponies! We hope you are having a happy hump day.  We regret how little we have posted the last few weeks.  Work obligations and winter colds temporarily got the better of us, but we’re back and darned pleased about it too, as there is so much to delight in, in our fair […]

Weekly Shout Out

Good afternoon, pretty ponies: The cold weather has abated at last and we at Horsing Around have resumed the weekend ritual of  long afternoon walks.  A favourite destination for our ambling adventures is Thetis Lake.  During the summer month’s, the crowds at this popular hot spot can be formidable, but in the depths of winter, […]

Ferris’ Upstairs Seafood + Oyster Bar

Ferris' Upstairs Victoria BC Romantic Tapas Bistro

A sophisticated, romantic restaurant, Ferris’ is the perfect venue for a date night or an evening with friends. Share delectable small plates, of seafood, oysters and Spanish inspired nosh. One of Victoria’s best.

The Bengal Lounge

Bengal Lounge Victoria BC Curry Buffet

Monty’s favourite lounge. Definitely a splurge, but worth it for the relaxed opulence of the British Raj theme and the popular curry buffet. Romantic and sophisticated, it’s an experience you won’t soon forget.